Lescon Learners Childcare Centre

Executive Director - Jaana Kitchen

The Toddler, Preschool, and Kindergarten staff include 5 Registered Early Childhood Educators and two assistants.

Schoolage Staff

The school age staff include 1 Registered Early Childhood Educator and one assistant who also work in the other programs listed above.

The Centre is also represented by a Board of Directors made up of parents that works with the Executive Director and the rest of her team to ensure that all aspects of the Centre are taken care of.



Our program supports families by providing quality childcare, which is co-ordinated and consistent throughout all programs for Nursery, Preschool, Kindergarten and Schoolage children.

Environment:  We provide a comfortable environment that is an important and significant part of the child's daily life.  It focuses on helping children to become capable, secure individuals both emotionally and socially.

Role of the Family:  Children and parents are given the opportunity to participate and give feedback in decisions regarding the childcare.  Children are given the opportunity to develop self esteem and a positive concept of learning.  They experience being a part of a group at the childcare, including their family and the community they live in.  We recognize the diversity of our families and provide opportunities for them to be a multicultural resource to our program.

Program:  The programming offered to the children will also provide a stimulating mix of open-ended challednges and experiences both in groups and as individuals, thus allowing children to feel free to take risks suitable to their age and to be inquisitive.  It also promotes skills that allow chidlren to gain knowledge and understanding of their place and role insociety, and in the use and care of the environment.

Regulation:  The childcare meets all the requirements of the Day Nurseries Act in regards to various areas of development, care and administration.  The childcare also meets all the requirements set out in the Toronto Operating Criteria as well as all licensing expectations.  The program provides a safe environment for all chidlren atl all times.  Our program is staffed with full-time Registered Early Childhood

Educators in good standing with the College of Early Childhood

Educators at all times.  Volunteers and students are also welcome to be involved in the program.